Furniture Tips & Advice

“We have the intention to create complete collections that compliment each other and create a story for the room and the overall theme of the whole home.” - Paul Raschella


1.Be careful not to over furnish - If you don’t read on, don’t forget this most important tip that nearly everyone does. Cluttering the room will make it feel smaller.
2.Design first, decorate later. - Establish the general outline or layout then anchor your room by placing bigger pieces strategically. Then you decorate and accessorise to bring the room to life.
3.Newspaper is for more than just reading - If you’re not sure whether a major piece will fit comfortably in your room, spread out newspaper to the approximate size of the proposed major piece (such as a dining table) and live with it for a few days until you get a sense of its actual size and how you interact with it.
4.Tone vs. colour - If you’re not sure about what colours to choose, consider creating interest by layering lighter and darker tones within the same colour family then adding splashes of more adventurous colours with scatters and accessories which can be changed frequently when your mood dictates.
5.Touch the texture - Be adventurous and don’t be afraid to mix textures such as having a large sofa in hardwearing leather for daily sitting, then adding interest with accent chairs, ottomans and scatter cushions upholstered in interesting fabrics.
6.Furnish for your personality - You don’t have to be chained by convention. Let your furniture reflect your personality. If you’re a colourful or full-size person then you’re furniture should be too.
7.It’s clear - When furnishing smaller places, clear glass dining or coffee tables can often be the answer in expanding the visual space by revealing the floor and not appearing as space-hungry solid objects.
8.Light up your life - Add light to create interest and a feeling of space. It will keep your eye dancing around the room giving the illusion of space. Remember to put everything on a dimmer to create a mood should the occasion require.
9.To curve or not to curve - Most modern rooms are a box-like shape, so why not add some curves in such as accent chairs, rugs or coffee and dining tables to add interest and fun. Direct attention to a particular piece by including dots or spirals or simply have round handles on a particular piece.
10.Rug up - The appropriate rug can add interest to a room and/or define particular areas or zones. Lighten up an area by introducing a light reflective rug.
11.Mirror image - A strategically placed mirror can add interest and direct attention by capturing and reflecting light along certain paths. A large mirror placed along a wall or at the end of a hallway can also add light and the illusion of depth and space.