Kitchen Design Service


We ask that you make an appointment and bring in all relevant measurements of the area you wish the kitchen to occupy including all relevant walls, windows, doors and the approximate height of the ceiling if you wish your kitchen to reach that high. If your kitchen is part of a larger open plan, you will need to advise us how far into the open plan you wish your kitchen to reach. You may also wish to e-mail or bring in any photos or pictures you think will help the process. Once we have these approximate measurements, whilst in the showroom, we can establish the finishes, design and possible alternatives as well as any trades that you are seeking. On gathering all this information we will be able to provide an estimate for your project at no cost to you. If this estimate is favourable to you, we can schedule further meetings in order to establish the finer details and finalize your order. This is usually done during the week within normal opening hours.


Our qualified designer will meet you on site (Melb. Metro.) and take all the relevant measurements as well as discussing your vision and expectations for your project. We will then return to our offices to prepare plans, after which, we will make a second appointment for you to come into the showroom to peruse the plans and confirm finishes. Providing there are no great changes to what was discussed on site, you will then be able to take away a hand drawn plan-view of your kitchen with measurements and finishes specified. You are free to potentially take this plan to anyone to have estimated and, importantly for you, this ensures that you are being quoted “apples for apples”. Usually within a week, we will provide an itemized estimate for your project for you to consider.
The cost for this service is $450.00 and is fully rebated if you choose to return to us to proceed with your project.


In this case, you provide fully specified plans (as above, with all measurements and finishes noted) that have been prepared to your satisfaction by a fully qualified kitchen designer for us to provide an estimate at no cost to you.

Whilst we encourage you to pop in at any time and browse through our showroom and ask any general questions, when choosing one of the above options, we ask that you make an appointment to ensure staff availability !!

Looking forward to being of assistance with your project.
From all the staff at magic.